Parents of LGBT children hugged everyone at the festival of queer culture in Seoul


Parents of LGBT children decided to express your love and support to the community at the Korea’s Queer Culture Festival: they offered hugs to everyone this Saturday.

In the central area of Seoul were a total of 100 stands, including stand organization “Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, abbreviated PFLAG”. Members of the organization handed out free brochures to parents of gays and lesbians, the newspaper The Korea Times.

And they are more than three hours, hugging all interested participants of the festival.

“We thought it would be a short campaign, but the number of people who came for the arms, we were pleasantly surprised Many cried when I had them hugging a good thing I was involved..”, – Said Ji Ying, whose son committed coming out three years ago.

First, recognition of her son’s shocked, but then Ji Ying decided to educate ourselves, to learn more about homosexuality and changed her mind for the better.

“I was shocked and started to read a lot about homosexuality. And the one my mother read a thousand studies on the subject!” – says the woman.

The biggest impression made on her stats. According to the survey, who spent Korean Institute for Health and counseling young people, 47.4% of LGBT people tried to commit suicide. “I love my son, he’s a good man, – said Ji Ying, – Such people as he is, always face with prejudice and discrimination. If I cast, who will support him. We must come together and build a society in which such people like my son, will be able to live a normal life.”


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