Thai gym creates good atmosphere for trans men to work out


Transfit in Bangkok, Thailand, is one of the few gyms in the world to be owned and fully staffed by trans men. The main idea of the club is described in the slogan that not only men can gain muscles. A trans male model and fitness instructor who opened the gym hopes to share his training knowledge with others who were assigned female at birth.“I opened the gym because I wanted to help tomboys and trans men to have nice bodies,” he says.

The workout facility currently has a small membership of around 15 people. “We mostly train people one-to-one in private sessions, so we don’t have too many,” Jyb (the founder) explained. Thailand is famous for having a large and vibrant LGBT community, particularly trans and gender non-conforming people. It allows trans people to change their legal gender, but does not currently allow same-sex marriage. “In Thailand, acceptance for trans people has really shot up in the last five years,” Jyb told PRI, adding, “Of course, you have old-fashioned thinkers who still say it’s wrong. But very few people from the young generation think this way.”


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