Thousands of people protest against a homophobic pastor


Yesterday we told our readers about an anti-gay Baptist pastor who called Orlando shooting a deserved punishment for homosexuality, called gay people paedophiles and claimed that a real tragedy is that most of them are alive.

People could not remain indifferent to such words and they started an action of protest. Clad with rainbow flags, signs and megaphones, protesters chanted “love conquers all” outside the Verity Baptist Church. They chanted 49 names of people killed in Orlando saying that they won’t let it to repeat and more people to be murdered.

ohn Hayden, who organised the protest said: “Our message was sent today, we are standing together in solidarity. We’re not just going to stand silently and let these kind of things happen.” It’s just remarkable how it didn’t matter your race, religion, creed, background or orientation. It didn’t matter. We came together as the Sacramento community.” he added.


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