Young gay men are worried about the consequences of their HIV status, mature – only because of their ego


Young HIV-positive gay men are worried about disclosing their status to partners and loved ones, as well as infection and other law persecution. Mature generation thinks only of his own ego. That is the conclusion the researchers came by analyzing a survey conducted in 2009.

The survey-study in the UK under the name “What do you need?” He found that gay men are constantly worried about disclosing their status to potential partners because of fear of rejection, and mindful of the possible prosecution of the law if they hide their status. It turned out that for young men with a newly established HIV diagnosis, and especially among those who are still not in need of antiretroviral therapy, these problems were particularly important. Of course, these same problems were the reason for the experiences of the older generation of gay men, but it turned out that they are more concerned about self-perception, loss of self-confidence, decreased libido and low chance to meet sexual partners.

70% of respondents said they have the appearance of at least one problem with sex in the previous year. More than a third said that over the past year, their problems began to render them even more negative impact. When asked about the fact that, in their opinion, could help to improve this situation, more than a third felt that the “one-on-one” counseling or psychological support group, could perhaps increase their confidence. … A quarter of the respondents considered that the increase in the level of public knowledge about HIV to help them to disclose their HIV status … These and other survey data reports Newsletter “News of HIV in Europe.”


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