A man claims to be Orlando gunman’s former lover


The version that Omar Mateen was gay and could not accept it is not new. And though the police have doubts about it, this version is also checked. And now there is an evidence which may possibly confirm it.

The man who calls himself Miguel explains that he had intimate relationships with Mateen and found out that he (Mateen) had a special attitude to Latino guys (and most victims in Orlando were Latinos), so the purpose of the massacre was banal – revenge. If to believe Miguel, Omar Mateen felt ‘used’ by men, and he was especially biased about Puerto Ricans.

The man also told that one of Mateen’s former lovers infected him with HIV, and that was a main reason for him to revenge to the whole LGBT community. In general, Miguel tells nothing bad about his ex – he describes him as a very sweet guy looking for love. Miguel did not know Mareen’s real name (they got acquainted via gay dating app, it was not necessary to tell the real name) but claims that they met at least 10 times. Mateen’s wife knew everything because their marriage was a coverage of his sexuality. The man’s words are not considered as completely true, but they will be taken into consideration and checked.


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