Chinese father tried to murder an intersex child


“We thought we would have a girl,” the baby’s mother told China Dailyб “But soon we were told the ‘girl’ is actually a boy, with an atrophic sex organ. We panicked and got concerned.” The child’s father was not ready to accept this and decided to kill that ‘monster’.

She described the awful moment her husband made his first attempt, as he covered the child’s face with a wet towel in an attempt to smother his offspring. Yang said he would have succeeded if she had not been alerted by the child’s screams. Sadly, their ordeal was far from over. Just three days later, Yang had to come to her child’s aid after her husband tried once again to smother the baby with a wet towel and diapers. After two failed attempts, she says she thought her husband may give up – instead, he enlisted help.

“He could not bear to kill his own flesh and blood after all, and my father-in-law took over,” she revealed. She recalled the horror of realising her baby had be taken from her. She quickly alerted police, before begging her husband to tell what he had done with their child. Luckily, authorities found the baby – who Yang says she sees as a son – abandoned outside the village of in Anyang, Henan. “After he was found, he did not eat for 12 hours. I was holding the baby. My heart is broken.” Following her two-month-year-old son’s harrowing first few months in the world, Yang says she will do all she can to ensure he has safe and healthy upbringing. “He may be a monster to others, but to me, he is and will always be my sweetest baby,” the mother said.


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