The Swedish school banned being photographed in dresses


High school students in Ronneby in southern Sweden decided to make a memorable annual general picture. Young men dressed in dresses and their classmates – in men’s suits. The representatives of the school administration asked the teen to stop behaving “like clowns”.

“First, we do not really serious about this, – told reporters the 15-year-old Tuva Jarleberg, unexpectedly found themselves at the head of the school of the protest movement. – Things got worse when we heard from the teacher: “Guys can not wear a dress”. We decided that it is wrong to teach us this approach, because until then were convinced that much in our school, something everyone is equal and everyone perceived for what it is, no matter what he wears”.

According Tuva Jarleberg, students still managed to hold a forbidden shoot and share photos on social networks before you take a picture for the traditional annual official group portrait “as is customary”.

“These photos may be used by the police and social workers, so we want our students looked at them” as accepted “, – said the director of the school Rikard Andersson. However, he declined to answer the question of whether the teacher is really too much. He emphasized that boys ought not to wear dresses.


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