56-year-old Olympian Greg Louganis appeared completely naked for a sports magazine


56-year-old Greg Louganis, four-time Olympic champion, one of the strongest athletes in the world history of diving, took part in a candid photoshoot ESPN sports magazine.

“When I look at my peers, I notice that I look better than most of them, – says the athlete -. And the thing is that I made a choice in favor of his health.”

Louganis, not hiding his homosexuality, seriously thinking about health in 1988 when he was diagnosed with HIV.

On his positive status recognized athlete on the eve of the Olympic Games in South Korea, but did not get depressed and continued to train. As a result, the Seoul Olympics brought Greg Louganis his fourth and last Olympic gold medal.

“My HIV status showed that I am much stronger than previously thought, – said in an interview with the athlete. – I once thought that I shall not live to 30, and now I’m already 56 years old”.

“For daily training, I feel about as seriously as to receive medication,” – explains his secret Louganis.

ESPN the magazine room with a candid photoshoot athlete be released on July 8th.


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