Eight out of ten Vietnamese homosexuals feel changes for the better


Nearly 80% of members of the LGBT community in Vietnam believe that over the past five years, the attitude towards them changed for the better. This is indicated by the data of the new survey, published on 27 January. 44% of respondents said that in the period from 2009 to 2013, they felt recognized by the government, have become more confident in themselves and are involved in activism. The survey, which took place from July to August 2014, was attended by 3214 members of the LGBT community in Vietnam.

According to Tran Khac Tung, director of the human rights of LGBT organizations from Ho Chi Minh, society has a positive attitude towards LGBT issues, which had a huge impact on the lives of community members in Vietnam. “We, individually and as a community, we feel confident and normal attitude to us by society in general, – he told GSN said -. The results of a recent online survey showed that almost 80% of respondents have made coming out in front one or two of his friends were taken as they are. it is interesting to note that one of the reasons why they made coming out, there was a desire to convey to others the correct understanding of who the representatives of LGBT people”.

However, 13% of respondents to anyone never talked about his sexual orientation, and almost half of hiding it from their family members. Three-quarters said that coming out in front of their families had been “difficult” or “very difficult” and 67% said that stigma in their families is a “very serious” or “severe”. Among the most common forms of stigma and discrimination within families – abuse, attempts to get to wear different clothes, threats partners forced to turn to the help of a psychologist and a denial of the right of inheritance.


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