Nick Jonas pays special attention to gay fans


Nick Jonas said that in the first place puts their fans gay and fears in connection with this backlash from older fans.

The former lead singer of The Jonas Brother, who now plays boxer latent gay, in the series “Kingdom”, gave an interview with Rolling Stone, in which several belittled its status as a gay icon.

“I do not know if I should call myself a gay icon – Jonas said -.. But last year my goal was to achieve growth as an artist and as a person, so one of the priorities were my gay fans Some of my friends are gay men thanked me for such a move, and it was very nice”.

On the question, is not afraid Is it a negative reaction from their old fans, he replied: “Of course if I said no I’m afraid it would be a lie, but we must be alert to the possibility to say: “I am trying to become famous, and if something goes wrong, it’s okay. I am very grateful to them for all that they have done”.


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