The UN has condemned the torture of LGBT community members in detention


Yesterday, UN experts called for to prevent the use of torture against members of the LGBT community. They drew attention to cases in which transgender women are placed in male prison cells, where they are subjected to rape and other forms of abuse.

Chairman of the UN Committee against Torture Jens Modvig said that LGBT people are most vulnerable to torture and ill-treatment in places of imprisonment – in prisons, pretrial facilities, hospitals or places of migrant detention.

The Committee of Experts noted that, as a rule, prison staff do not have sufficient training to understand the special needs of LGBT community members and prevent them from stigmatization. In prisons, there is no proper sex identification procedures, potential risk assessment lesbian content, gay, bisexual and transgender people in different conditions.

“With regard to, for example, transgender people, both women and men, often their status is completely ignored in the result of some transgender women placed in a men’s prison where they face a high risk of rape, often involving prison staff,” – said chairman UN Subcommittee on Prevention of torture Malcolm Evans.


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