Barack Obama included a gay bar “Stonewall Inn” and the number of places in the neighborhood of National Glory


US President 54-year-old Barack Obama announced the New York bar “Stonewall Inn”, Christopher Park close to the vicinity of its other first memorial in history, “tells the story of LGBT Americans”.

At the end of last week it became known that the new memorial complex is included in the US National Park. “Our national parks should fully reflect the history of the country”, – said Barack Obama, in announcing the decision.

The fact that New York will be a monument to the LGBT struggle for their rights, it was reported at the beginning of May. But then it is said about the monument in memory of the legendary uprising, which occurred in the summer of 1969 near the bar “Stonewall”. Recall morning of 28 June 1969o police raided the bar. As usual, the police grabbed everybody in women’s clothing for the “gender test”. But on the day the bar visitors refused to obey police demands. The protest turned into a riot with a real war on the barricades – since that memorable day countdown is a modern movement for the protection of the rights of gays and lesbians.


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