Ministry of Defence of Denmark for the first time will be released to the gay parade – from the cadets to the Deputy Commander


Royal Danish Army will be first presented at the gay parade in Copenhagen separate column – from the cadets to the deputy chief. “This is done by including in order to emphasize that military service is suitable for all kinds of people,” – said in the pages of the official publication of the Ministry of Defence of Denmark.

It is reported that a gay parade, which this year will be held on August 20 for the first time will receive official support from the entire structure of the Army, including three of the armed forces, educational institutions and various services. The military will join the group Blå Blink, representing the state and the municipality, they will be dressed in the usual form, they are also under the charter is not allowed to drink alcohol.

“Parade is a nationwide festival of variety We will be in the form, will contribute to the celebration of diversity and at the same time demonstrate professionalism”. – Said Deputy Commander Lieutenant-General of Denmark Per Ludvigsen.


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