The FBI has no evidence that the terrorist Omar Mateen was a gay


FBI officially denied reports that Omar Mateen, a terrorist shot at gay clubs in Orlando 49 civilians, was a gay.

Before information is disseminated in the press that Omar Matin supposedly proved by the user of various gay dating services, and has visited “Pulse” gay club. The FBI has yet to find any evidence of such allegations. The official added that in the investigation there are no pictures, no posts, no pornographic images, which would indicate that Mateen led “secret gay life”.

The offender was twice married and had three sons and is believed to have had no direct links with terrorist groups. Perhaps Mateen had any other means of communication and other electronic equipment, but they are not at the disposal of investigators, the FBI added.

On the eve of the press actively quoted an anonymous interview with “alleged lover” Omar Mateen. A certain Miguel (name changed) told Univision television that Matin was angry and upset because, they say, a partner with whom he had sex, admitted that he has HIV.



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