Cases of HIV in discordant gay couples almost eliminated when receiving treatment


A new Australian study found no cases of HIV transmission in discordant gay couples during unprotected anal gay sex.

As part of the monitoring conducted in Australia, Brazil and Thailand among 152 homosexual discordant couples (so called “opposite pole” pairs), it has still not been found a single case of HIV infection.

At the same time the partners have committed, according to the researchers, the 6000 acts of unprotected anal sex.

58% of couples in the study of “Opposites Attract study” declared unprotected anal sex, which share in the range of sex in pairs was 40%. HIV-negative partner acted as a “host” (passive) partner. The majority (84%) of the HIV-infected partner received antiretroviral therapy (ART). Almost all of them had an undetectable viral load. The proportion of unprotected sex with HIV-positive partners not receiving ART or with inadequate levels of virologic control, was only 4%.

Lack of transmission cases does not mean no risk of infection. Given the fact that so far in the study enrolled a relatively small number of men, the authors calculated that the maximum probable incidence would amount to 4% per year (7% per year – in relation to the negative “decision” partners).



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