Istanbul dispersed another gay action, two of the eurodeputy were detained


For the second time in June, Turkish police brutally disperse participants authorities banned a gay parade. Yesterday in Taksim Square in central Istanbul again heard the shots. The police, in addition to rubber bullets, water cannons and applied tear gas.

Among those arrested are two German politicians. One of them, a member of the European Parliament from the Green Party Terry Reintke, said that the police behaved very aggressively. The second detainee – Bundestag deputy from the party “green” Volker Beck, once in 2006 has affected a gay parade in Moscow. Later the policy was released.

The city authorities again refused permission to hold a gay pride parade, citing recent attacks in Turkey, in which the ruling elite blamed Kurdish rebels. Last week, one of the Turkish nationalist groups had threatened to disrupt the gay pride parade, the authorities do not forbid it.

Before that gay parades were held in Istanbul, 11 times, and no serious incidents in the course of their conduct was not.


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