For Sports Illustrated magazine photoshoot Caitlyn Jenner put on her gold medal


Caitlyn Jenner appeared on the cover of the July issue of Sports Illustrated – 40 years after it, still known as the Bruce, he was the champion in the decathlon at the Olympic Games in Montreal and broke the world record. For snapshot 66-year-old athlete the first time in a long time put on her gold medal.

Jenner gave Sports Illustrated interview in which he spoke about his sports career and the way to present yourself. According athletes success in the decathlon is achieved largely due to the fact that the sport was distracting her from psychological problems related to gender dysphoria.

“I was tall, muscular and manly – quoted Jenner portal Wonderzine. – Everyone else thought it was the perfect body like a Greek god and I hated it, but it was given to me by nature, and I tried to learn from it.. maximum”.

“I have often thought as might have been my life, if I had not become the winner of the Olympic Games [in Montreal]. Maybe if I were a woman could be earlier, because after the victory at the Games I had for many years to throw these thoughts out head – then so much piled on top of me turns out, I had betrayed myself,” – Caitlin admitted.


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