Gamania became the first company in Taiwan which officially recognized same-sex marriages


Gamania company, engaged in the development and creation of computer games, is the first Taiwanese company which officially recognized same-sex marriages and providing vacation LGBT employees at the time of wedding.

The company officially announced that adopts such a policy, effective April 1. Now LGBT employees can receive eight days of paid leave for the wedding, on the condition that they will provide an invitation to the wedding, the marriage certificate or other evidence.

According to Gamania representative, the company felt that gender equality is a global trend. The largest US technology companies such as Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Intel, HP and eBay, have already expressed their support for same-sex marriage. In addition, according to Gamania, it is very important to have a friendly working environment for employees.

As Miao Po-yа, a candidate member of the parliament of Taiwan, openly gay, said that lawmakers and business representatives should meet the demands of society and to legalize same-sex marriage. According to her, such recognition will not only improve the moral image of the team, but also help to create a positive, diverse and inclusive corporate culture, from which employees, business owners and shareholders will benefit.


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