Two heterosexuals shot for the gay magazine to show that gay people are just people


Heterosexual stars from Dutch television, 31-year-old Jan Versteegh and 28-year-old Tim Hofman, shot for gay magazine “L’Homo”. The purpose of the project – the fight against intolerance against homosexuals.

The blogger and reporter, teaming up with TV presenter and singer, wanted to show kissing and acting in intimate poses, they are not being gay, they are human beings and deserve respect and understanding. The idea – to challenge traditional perceptions of masculinity and sexuality, starting a discussion about what is actually homosexual.

“Our bare ass in the magazine – is the second time …” – Hoffmann said, responding to a remark Verstiha that the pictures – not gay, it’s just two people.

The project found an incredible response from the audience. Video from the shooting photoshoot watched per day over half a million people.


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