Gay high school student from the United States broke the state record for swimming


Jack Thorne, acting in the school team swimmers Thompson Valley in Loveland, Colorado, for the third time in a row won the state championship in the 100 yards at the back. He broke the state record by swimming the distance in 48.3 seconds. Before that, he beats the state record twice.

Thorn made a public coming out last year, posting a message about it on Twitter and Facebook. From the moment he became a role model for other LGBT athletes, has found its place in the LGBT sport and a lot of hard training. This fall, he will begin his studies at Northwestern University and will play for the university team swimmers.

“I’m really happy, it was a great end of my schooling and career school swimmer, – Thorne said. – I remember my feelings in the past year at this time, and I want to say that today I am more relaxed, I was able to enjoy the what I do. ” In June last year, after winning the state championship, Thorne wrote this tweet: “Stereotypes like the records, it is necessary to deal with it”.


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