If the model matched the fashionable this summer typecasting “guy with a tum”


In recent weeks, the term “dad bod” (derived from “dad body”) began to gain more popularity in the media. The term describes men who are not too concerned about the relief of muscle.

Many fashion journalists expressed their support for a new trend of male beauty – “the guy with the tum.” Oddly enough, these guys easier to meet and maintain the relationship, because they are more concerned about the home and family. “Men with cubes wide and biceps too much time in the gym, they do not have time to clean,” – says a columnist for The Washington Post, Peter Holly.

The guys from the blog Distractify decided to show, would look like underwear model, if consistent with the new craze, legalizes love of beer and chips.

By the way, in our opinion, it has turned quite brutal.



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