Most often, Americans masturbate in the bedroom and in the shower


The company for the production of sex toys We-Vibe conducted a survey to find out where Americans like to make love with yourself. The survey polled 600 people from all the states in age from 20 to 70 years. Among them were both single, and consisting in a relationship or marriage.

So, the place for masturbation was as popular as follows:

1. Bedroom (80%)

2. Shower (31%)

3. Toilet, bathroom (31%)

4. Living Room (18%)

5. The Office (7%)

6. Kitchen (3%)

85% of respondents said that they are now more free to talk about masturbation than ever before. They agreed with the opinion that masturbation has become “less taboo” topic, thanks to popular culture, movies, television and the Internet. It was found that women are set to masturbation do not as men. They are twice as likely as men to listen to music during the process.


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