Televangelist said about men who masturbate that “their hands get pragnant in the afterlife”


Muslim preacher Mucahid Cihad Han answered questions of viewers 2000 TV channel. One of the viewers called and said that it continues to masturbate, even though he is married, and even masturbated during Umrah, a pilgrimage of Muslims to Mecca.

Han gave a very extravagant answer to this question, insisting that Islam strictly forbids masturbation. “In one hadith (the story of the founder of Islam) states that those who engage in sexual relations with their hands in the afterlife hands get pregnant and will complain to God that they were abused,” – said Khan, referring to allegedly said to the Prophet Muhammad the words. “If our audience was single, I would have advised him to get married, and now I do that?” – Said the preacher and advised the audience “to resist the temptations of Satan”.

This “advice” has been criticized in the Turkish media and in the press of other countries. Earlier, Khan criticized for what he called homosexuality “evil” and “the worst of all sins”. Reporters noted that only a few interpreters of Islam forbid masturbation, most just treat her with disapproval. Many popular interpreters of Islam even allow it, believing that it helps to refrain from adultery.


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