Benedict XVI, who retired after the scandal, told how to beat “gay lobby”


Honorable Pope 89-year-old Benedict XVI, who resigned in 2013, is believed to be after the pedophile scandal in his memoirs says that was subjected to pressure “gay lobby”.

In the book “The last dialogue” refers to the “gay lobby” of 4 or 5 people. Gay “bunch of” trying to influence the decisions of the Vatican. But, as the honorable Pope, he was able to “break this powerful handful”. The content of the memoir that come September 9, the Italian press has learned.

As early as 2010 it became clear that the personal valet Benedict XVI Angelo Balducci, along with St. Peter’s Cathedral chorister Ginedu Ehiemom for many years supplied the high-ranking employees of the Vatican boy prostitutes.

But resignation Benedict XVI left only in 2013. The reason, according to general opinion, has become a long-term pedophile scandal surrounding Vatika – dozens or even hundreds of cases of sexual abuse of children …

Benedict XVI has often acted with criticism of the gay community, especially in the first years after the election. He asked for “gay Christian rid the world of its platitudes”, condemned for the “banalization of the human body and anarchy”, called gay marriage “a threat to peace and justice”.


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