In Ireland the owners of confectionery was condemned for refusing to bake a cake in support of gay marriage


A court in Northern Ireland recognized the owners of bakeries Ashers Baking Company guilty of discrimination for refusing to make a cake with the words in defense of gay marriage. Initially, the company adopted a custom gay activist Gareth Lee for manufacturing a cake with the words “Support gay marriage”, but later canceled it and offered to return the money.

In response, Lee went to court, accusing the bakery in discrimination based on sexual orientation. In March, the court, he said that the bakery refusal made him feel “worthless”.

The judgment states that Ashers Baking Company “does business for profit” and is not a religious group, despite the fact that the owners of the company – Christians. According to the judge, he admitted that the employees bakery is “sincere and profound” religious views, but that does not exempt them from the effect of discrimination law.

Lawyers for the parties to agree in advance the payment of 500 pounds, which is Li, according to his lawyer, intends to donate to charity.



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