For a gay man on the Pacific island with a population of 48 persons have legalized same-sex marriage


On Pitcairn Islands, British overseas territory in the Pacific, have legalized same-sex marriage.

Of the four islands, only one – inhabited, with a population of 48 people. The territory of Pitcairn barely exceeds the Monaco area. According to the Deputy Governor of Pitcairn Kevin Lynch, a new law came into force on May 15, but due to technical problems on the site of islands know about him was only now.

Legalize gay marriage Islands authorities have decided once did England, Wales and Scotland. As noted by a local resident Meralda Warren, the islands do not have same-sex couples. Only one the locals call themselves gay. “The inhabitants of the island did not insist on the legalization of same-sex marriage. But at the same time, it happens everywhere. So why not?” – she said.

However, the island may be a problem with the formation of gay marriage as the only priest living on Pitcairn, a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, opposes same-sex unions.


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