Next week in Germany gays will be amnestied who convicted under Nazi laws


Next week, the Bundestag may decide to official amnesty for gays, which condemned in Nazi Germany.

In May, Heiko Maas, the German Minister of Justice, said he intends to seek rehabilitation for gays convicted under §175. This law was adopted in the German Empire, but Hitler was tightened and in this form lasted until 1964, when it softened. In 1994 alone, homophobic law was finally repealed.

In the first Nazi concentration camps markirkovka was sewn on prison uniforms gay “175”, then it was replaced with a logo in the form of a pink triangle.Tagesshau funded by the state news agency, told about how it intends Maas restore the good name of 50 000 men convicted in the 175th article.

The draft law, which will be submitted to the Bundestag next week, describes the prosecution of gays as “very cynical violation of fundamental human rights.” Meuse If the offer is accepted, the Bundestag rehabilitates victims of the 175th article, as well as minors gays convicted by a similar article.

Maas suggests reviewing the case of gays, based on the laws of the same period for heterosexual couples. Thus, the man convicted of sexual assault, harassment or forced cohabitation will not be rehabilitated.



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