British gay couple, which paid 40 thousand pounds to surrogate mothers, was recognized legal parents of three children


Two gays have paid 40,000 pounds to surrogate mothers for six months, considered legal parents of three children. The judge granted the request to recognize gay parents, although previously they were trying to deceive the court as to what amount paid to surrogate mothers. With women gay couple met through Facebook.

UK law prohibits the purchase and sale of children and surrogate mothers can pay only “reasonable compensation for pregnancy expenses.” However, the men were not accurate records of these expenditures, and one of the mothers have paid about 15 000 pounds, which is clearly higher than the possible costs. When the authorities need to specify how much money the women received (which is forbidden by law to make such a way), fathers tried to avoid answering.

Because of this, the judge of the High Court of Justice “doubts about the integrity couple that tried to deceive the authorities. The fact that the pair undertook training of three babies of the same age, also suggests that in fact they did not think about responsibility, when we created a family with young children”, – added the judge.

Judge Russell changed his mind when he listened to a court-appointed representative of the guardianship. According to him, man, “the soul is not fer in their children,” and “were very attentive fathers”.

“It seems that these gentlemen our their vocation”, – the judge said. She also noted the fact that the fathers maintained “good relations” with the surrogate mother during pregnancy. At the end of his speech, Judge Russell denounced the “online marketplace surrogacy”, saying that children should not be the price.



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