Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in the columns of the gay pride parade in Toronto


44-year-old Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada in November 2015, became the first head of the government, which came to the annual gay pride parade in Toronto.

Together with Justin Trudeau came close to Mayor John Tory and openly gay Prime Minister Kathleen Wynne Ontario.

Journalists Trudeau said that for many years has been involved in the gay parades before he became prime minister. According to him, this is not something unusual. He downplayed the significance of his appearance on the shares.

Justin Trudeau is passionate defender of LGBT rights. Even before he took over the government, Trudeau spoke out in support of gay marriage, legalizing marijuana, and women’s rights to abortion in his book “Common Ground”. He went under the rainbow banner at Pride Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.

During the election campaign of a politician promised to include a provision on gender identity in the Human Rights Act, also add to the Criminal Code of the concept of “crimes of hate.” And finally lift the ban for homosexuals to become donors.

In February 2016, Prime Minister Trudeau, Justin joined the action Pink Shirt Day, which is directed against homophobic bullying. In March it became known that the Government of Canada is discussing the need for a formal apology to gays and lesbians, dismissed from the deprivation of rights and privileges of the army and other security services in the period until 1992 – when they were granted the right to serve in the armed forces officially.


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