The drama “Wonderkind” tells about the life of a professional footballer gay


In the movie “Wonderkid” affected by one of the most painful fact of modern football – homophobia. In the film, brought together more than 25 000 pounds on a Kickstarter, shows the internal torment of professional football player, who is trying to make a career, while remaining true to yourself in the world of hypermasculinity great football. Minute trailer shows some very spectacular scenes from the movie: passionate kissing, shouting homophobic and aggressive confrontation. It looks like we are in for a spectacular directorial work.

“Given all that is happening in the world, it’s time to talk about sexuality and gender issues, – said director of Rhys Chapman. – We were able to create a charismatic character who takes his sexual orientation and wants to make coming out, but not can do this because of their profession If this film is enough viewers, there is a chance that we will change the world of football Our viewers will understand:.. everyone has the right to live without fear. This problem has a simple solution: that the players can safely, without fear, to make coming out, you only need a normal reaction of the public. And our task – to ensure this reaction”.

Picture was supported by Adidas, Football Association of England, the English Premier League club and Tottenham Hotspur.

Premiere of “Wonderkind” will be held in August at the London Odeon cinema.


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