Gay Fathers spoke about the stupid questions that they constantly get


US group “Gays With Kids” issued an instructive video that it is not necessary to ask the two fathers who are bringing up a child.

At the first place, interested in the birthday child of whose sperm was used to conceive. Secondly, at the sight of his father, feeding the baby a bottle, inquire: “Does Mum have the day off?” Third, considering the baby pictures, curious who plays the role of fathers, moms?

Fourth, knowing that baby brought up two dads, ask the price, how much cost the services of a surrogate mother. Fifth, yelling at dads with a child: “It’s a gay! And you probably know Ellen DeGeneres?” Sixth, noticing how Dad soothes crying daughter, said: “Perhaps it is better to comfort my mother, let call her!”.

All the role of father-gays were sang by real gays who bring up children in real life.


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