Homoerotic clip of Years & Years: Parking, handsome mustachioed and much love


A week ago the singer Olly Alexander spoke at the Glastonbury music festival with a rousing speech that should be proud to carry the rainbow flag. Now his team Years & Years released a video for the song “Worship”, and he did not disappoint the expectations of fans gay.

The track “Worship” is the eighth and final single from the debut album “Communion”, which was released last year and was an instant hit. In the video, a group of young people dancing on the empty parking lot; degree sexual energy all growing, and at the peak of emotions Alexander jumps on the car hood and windshield licks.

Alexander described “queer magic of creative energy” edition of Gay Times: “I want to see the fear and intolerance in the eye and say: here I am, and I – gay I do not want to be afraid I know that I can not avoid mistakes, but do not want to stop… I warmed the incredible support and love of our fans, and they taught me a lot. Hopefully, this connection between us will not break, and mutual trust will keep us afloat”.


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