In Vilnius kindergarten was opened directly above the gay club


Competition Vilnius mary for rental of premises at the address. Shvitrigaylos, 7 won the network of private kindergartens Abadelė. However, in the basement of the same building it has long been acting gay club Soho.

“Premises garden – separate, not connected with the club or the cafe”, – has calmed some anxious parents chapter network Abadelė Yagminene Eve. The new kindergarten is scheduled to open in three months. The owner does not understand why it selected the place associated with the gay-club: this is a huge building, which was once the headquarters and conservatives.

“There’s work by different institutions, not only gay club on the other hand, brought up tolerance, they are in themselves, and we -. Separately, they work only on weekends at night, and we – on weekdays and during the day, we do not should interfere with each other “, – said Yagminene.

“Kindergarten is planned to be equipped on the first floor, where there is a separate entrance We have wronged no one, did not outraged by all communities can and should live in peace and harmony..,” – quotes the representative of the gay club Soho Lithuanian media.


  1. Thanks for everything that you have posted on the site!This stuff takes me back to some really long weekends spending hours in line at the Coconut Teazer, then going to the Palomino club after for dancing until Sunday afternoon!!! I believe the clubs were No Doz and Sketch Pad, but the mind forgets things like that so!Gmimesteood times….


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