Social stigma is a major risk factor for suicide among transgender people


A new study by Canadian researchers shows that the reduction of social stigma can significantly reduce suicidal thoughts among transgender people.

“People often think that transgender itself often causes trans people suicidal thoughts” – commented Dr. Greta Bauer, author of the study. – “But is not that simple point here is social exclusion”.

Her research examines the potentially modifiable factors that affect the daily lives of transgender people, and can lead to suicidal thoughts and even suicide attempts. These factors include: support for the environment, the availability of gender-identity documents of transphobia protection – from verbal aggression to physical attacks – as well as the medical aspects of the transition, such as access to hormone therapy.

According to information received, in the past year, about 35.1% of transgender Ontarians seriously thought about suicide and 11.2% admitted to attempting suicide. A total of 433 respondents participated.

Research shows that the support (especially coming from the parents) can prevent 170 cases in which people are seriously thinking about suicide for every thousand trans people. Also, evidence suggests that, if protected against transgender transphobia, this prevents 160 cases of suicidal moods per thousand. Change one or more identity (passport, driving license) will help prevent 90 deaths per each thousand transgender.


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