The US government has spent $ 3.5 million on the elucidation of the causes of obesity in lesbians


National Institutes of Health, US Department of Health agency, spent more than $ 3.5 million for the elucidation of “one of the most critical health problems” – Why 75% are obese lesbians?

The study, running for the past five years, has just received another federal grant of $ 658,485, total expenditures amounted to $ 3,531,925.

“Today, obesity is one of the most critical problems in the US health care, – said in the grant application. – A large study focuses on racial and socio-economic reasons that cause obesity, but just now there is recognition that there is a relationship between obesity and gender and sexual orientation. women belonging to sexual minorities, are much more struck by the obesity epidemic. Nearly three-quarters of lesbians have problems with being overweight or obese, while heterosexual women problems such experiences only half. In addition, the risk of obesity in heterosexual men twice higher than that of gay men”.

Since the first survey data in 2013, its funding has increased more than twice. However, scientists have not been able to pinpoint and get new information about why lesbians are more prone to obesity. Only one study indicated that lesbians have lower “sports self-esteem”, which may be one of the factors of obesity.


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