There are posters calling for the massacre of homosexuals in Turkey


On the streets of Ankara posters appeared calling for the murder of gays. This action was organized by representatives of the Turkish capital, located in the group “Young Islamic Defense”. According to members of the organization, they have written threats to remind the Turks about the “Hudood” – Punishment for offenses against morality and public order.

The posters read, “Those who are engaged in dirty business and repeat business people Lot must be killed”.

Lot, Abraham’s nephew, is mentioned in the Old Testament and the Koran. Together with his family, he left Egypt and settled in the vicinity of the Jordan near Sodom. When it came to the angels, the Sodomites surrounded the house and demanded that the visitors to “get to know them.” Lot offered his virgin daughters instead, but the offer was rejected. The confrontation ended with the angels blinded the Sodomites, and Lot and his family were told to leave the city, because it will be destroyed. After they left, God destroyed the city along with his corrupt people.

Threats gay address about a possible repetition of the fate of Sodomites apply not only to the streets of the Turkish capital, but also in social networks. On the morning of July 8 Account “Young Islamic Defense” on Twitter, which published photo reports on the distribution of posters, appeared blocked.

Although homosexuality is not a crime in Turkey, but condemned by society. On the fight against LGBT citizens and all the power of the state propaganda is directed.


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