Australian opposition leader is for changing the definition of family


Bill Shorten totally supports gay marriage in Australia, but at the same time he does not support the idea of public referendum about this question, because when people love each other they should not care much about the opinion of others.

Shorten had been criticized for his anti-gay marriage referendum stance this week after it emerged he told an Australian Christian Lobby forum three years ago he was ‘completely relaxed’ about having such a referendum. But when quizzed by Kitchen Cabinet host Annabel Crabb, he said he’d had a change of heart after becoming stepfather to his wife’s two children from a previous relationship. Shorten is married to Chloe Bryce, with whom he had a child, Clementine, in 2009. He is also stepfather to Bryce’s son and daughter, Rupert and Georgette. ‘The experience of being a father, of being a stepfather, has opened my eyes that people’s relationships don’t need opinion polls from other people,’ he said. ‘One of the reasons why I support marriage equality is that same-sex-attracted couples who love each other and have kids, why should their kids somehow feel invalidated or that somehow their parents, their carers, that their relationships are any less valuable or wanted?’


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