Coming out in Disneyland


Gina from California is a teen girl who had a vacation in Disneyland with her mom. And she has chosen this trip as an opportunity to come out. While they were on the popular Splash Mountain roller coaster ride, she held up a colorful ‘I’m Gay!’ sign while in the ride’s camera range for souvenir photos. When her mom saw the photo, she was surprised by the news but took it well. Gina’s father and brother guessed that she is gay, so they were not so surprised. And as for the mother, it was totally unexpected for her. But she accepted the news and supported her daughter in being the way she is.

Though the girl loves her mother very deeply, to sit down and talk is not in her style. Gina understood the necessity of coming out one day, but she always weanted to do it originally and funny.Since Gina decided to post the photo on her Twitter account, it went viral and she has been enjoying tremendous support from people inspired by what she did. ‘I never expected it to blow up like this,’ she says. ‘This Twitter account was just my spam account where I posted random fangirl stuff but I decided it couldn’t hurt to post it and the result was absolutely amazing.’


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