In France vandals cut with a knife picture kissing gay couples


Artistic photography kissing people of different ages, with different skin color and sexual orientation have already managed to catch the fancy of the residents of the French town of Royan. However, over the weekend vandals literally riddled with with a knife image.

Author portraits, the artist Thibault Stipal, wrote to Facebook, that it happened “saddened”.
“Some people have written in these photos love messages – while others cut their knives” – the photographer told Local Edition.

Thibaut suspects that enraged vandals images of same-sex couples: “Perhaps, the famous French romance only provides for heterosexual relationships I think the locals are ambivalent about the gays?”. Perhaps it is also the fact that the exhibition was installed not far from the children’s park. “People who do not agree with the exhibition, argue their position the fact that close to a children’s park, but it is hypocrisy In my project, there is nothing shocking, it’s just a picture of people who are kissing,” – says the author.


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