In St. Petersburg people will be talking about LGBT health for three days


Forum “LGBT Health” will be held in St. Petersburg this weekend.

Among the panelists – the head of the city’s AIDS center Denis Gusev, the Global Fund experts on AIDS, unnamed until a representative of St. Petersburg Commissioner for Human Rights, as well as such well-known personalities working with the LGBT audience, as Maria Sabunaeva and Eugene Pisemsky Valery Sozaev and Dmitry Isaev.

Organizers report that the forum would affect a large range of very different issues: legal, psychological, medical, sexual health, people living with HIV, LGBT people with disabilities, health and other transgender people.

The Forum is organized by the Council of St. Petersburg LGBT initiatives. “We believe that the health issues relating to each addition, this is a great opportunity not only to expand the knowledge and skills, but also to communicate with experts and activists, many other initiatives that help strengthen the LGBT community,” – says the organizers of the Forum, which was the program extended eve.


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