The new law provided by Pakistan Muslim clerics is not for everyone


As we a;ready reported, some Muslim clerics wanted to provide the new law which would allow trans people to marry. But as it appeared, this law did not concern trans people at all – it is not about people who changed their gender or plan to do this. The new law included only people whose gender is not exactly defined because of the structure of their reproductive and hormonal systems – in other words, intersex people.

Maulana (or master scholar) Muhammad Zia ul Haq Naqshbandi told NAZ the Fatwa is only relevant to intersex persons: ‘Our understanding of a khawaja sira is what the Koran, Allah and his Prophet has told us. Allah works in mysterious ways and his creations are beautiful. He made man, woman, and then he made khawaja sira. Some khawaja siras have genitals that are more male, while others have genitals that are more female.
‘And then there are khawaja siras whom we call mukhanas e mushkil… these are khawaja siras who are born with ambiguous genitalia.’ Talking about transgender people, the Maulana said: ‘As Muslims it is our duty to follow the teachings of Allah and His Prophet and those people who are born male and yet dress in women’s clothing are going against Allah’s will. That is completely unnatural. These people are gay and Allah clearly says that gays should be killed. These people are fake Khawaja Siras. They dress in women’s attire to seduce men and men do come under their seduction. These seduced men are victims and need religious counseling. These fake khawaja siras have intimate relations from the back side [anal sex], which is haram [forbidden]. There is no Islamic fatwa that can give protection to people who commit sin knowing that it is a sin that they are committing.’


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