“You’ll never walk alone …” – gay choir paid tribute to the victims of the terrorist attack in Orlando


Orlando Gay Chorus paid tribute to the victims of the terrorist attack at the club “The Pulse”.

The choir, which is composed of representatives of the LGBT community in Orlando, Florida, performed song “You’ll Never Walk Alone” at the Festival of the Association of Gay and Lesbian Choir (GALA) in Denver.

The song became a hit since its inception in 1945, has sounded before an audience of more than 2 500 people in the walls of the Denver Opera House named Dorothy Calkin. The choir sang the beginning of a hit before the audience supported the song.

Choristers from Orlando thanked the participants GALA-2016 for their support. “We all are the ambassadors of love and hope sent a message around the world, the gay choir Orlando does what she does best. – Extends the love, support and hope through the joy that music brings”.


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