16 years for a double murder: court commuted sentence to the pensioner, who was insulted by gay hints


“Obscene suggestion of sexual orientation,” the defendant by one of the victims of the court found “mitigating circumstances” for sentencing in relation to 63-year-old pensioner hacked two men in autumn 2015.

The day before, according to the news agency “Access”, the Chelyabinsk Regional Court announced the verdict to a certain Adam was born in 1953 – 16 years in a penal colony. In October 2015 a resident Vishnevogorsky, previously convicted, “offended” unprintable expletive, which allegedly contained a hint of his homosexuality. In response, he “beat the offender butt in different parts of the body, until he died. The elderly owner of the house became angry behavior and guest also received a lot of hits, one of which was fatal”.

The court found the pensioner guilty of the murder of two people, one of whom was in a helpless state. As mitigating circumstances, the court took into account, in particular, “the wrongful conduct of one of the victims, who appeared a reason for the crime”.

The murders of the so-called gay insults have become constant news theme of Russian life in recent years. So, this year in March, similar crimes committed in the Sverdlovsk and Omsk regions. In the Volgograd region in late May, 38-year-old suspect strangled his 57-year-old companion of “accusations of sexual orientation.” Then the ax cut the body into pieces and threw the remains to be devoured by dogs.


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