Andreja Pejic does not worry about coming out


Transgender model reflects on changing her gender and dating and sees no problem about being who she wants to be and expressing herself. Now she is completely mature and brave enough to identify herself as a woman.

Andreja adds that she wants to date with men. Of course, living public life and being transgender is hard, much harder than for those trans people who don’t spend their lives in front of the camera. It would be impossible for Andreja to hide her gender identity and her past life as a male from her boyfriend. But she does not see any problem in it, because the only thing which matters is who she is now, not who she used to be. She does not regret about changing gender. It was like throwing away something she does not want and does not need. It does not reflect on her career, because even being biologically male Pejic demonstrated female clothes. And the model hopes her private life to be no less successful.


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