Chelsea Manning tried to kill herself


According to the reports, transgender whistleblower Chelsea Manning has committed a suicide attempt. Manning has sued the US Army for her right to transition behind bars, and has also taken action against her “unjust” 35-year prison sentence – on the basis that her actions helped make public a large number of serious issues related to military practise.

But life in prison seems to break her down – this Tuesday Manning was rushed to a hospital after trying to take her own life. CNN reports: “Chelsea Manning suspected of attempting suicide. Was taken to a hospital Tuesday from Fort Leavenworth.” It is necessary to add that the news has not been confirmed officially yet.

Her appeal against her conviction, filed just last month, alleges that the 35-year sentence was “perhaps the most unjust sentence in the history of the military justice system” given the nature of her offence, which helped bring to light a number of serious abuses and powers. It states: “No whistleblower in American history has been sentenced this harshly… Manning disclosed the materials because under the circumstances she thought it was the right thing to do.” She believed the public had a right to know about the toll of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the loss of life, and the extent to which the government sought to hide embarrassing information of its wrongdoing.”

We still have no official confirmation about Tuesday events, but no matter what we are wishing Chelsea Manning not to stop fighting for justice and to value her life even though it is hard.


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