Men from Sutton did not regret the “real meat” to support LGBT youth


It seems that the season of charity calendars, heroes who are ready to remove all to support good undertakings, was launched. Thus, we present the fourth season calendar. For the second year in a row gays Sutton, a cozy area in the south of London, undress for a calendar.

LGBT Forum Sutton, public organization created in 2012, this time gained the support of the first heterosexual men. Meet, he is Zach, a real man …

Proceeds from the calendar will go to fund the work of the public initiative, thanks to which young homosexuals can come to chat in a special center. There they are expected not only to meet new people. To their services – experts of various profiles, including psychologists, to help solve the problem of self-determination.

… As for the calendar, it is known that the first time it will be paired with a photo light erotic overtones.


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