The historian says that the Statue of Liberty depicts actually a man


The author of a new study claims that the Statue of Liberty, has been 140 years meets the immigrants in the New York port, is actually a man in a dress.

The program “Secrets of America’s Favorite Places” on the Discovery Channel, historians have uncovered a few secrets of the famous statue. In particular, they suggested that, who became the model for the US symbol.

According to conventional theory, to create the Statue of Liberty French sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi was inspired by the image of his mother, Charlotte. However, historian Elizabeth Mitchell, author of “The torch of freedom: the great epic of the creation of the Statue of Liberty”, expressed a different assumption.

“When I looked closer, I noticed that the person is actually more. His mother had more curved eyebrows and thin lips, including the youth, – said Mitchell in an interview with New York Post. – But Frederick made busts and was famous for precision of his works”.

Mitchell believes that in fact the Statue of Liberty Bartholdi face brother Jean-Charles. “Studying the pictures, which were found in the archive of Frederick, I began to get accustomed to the Jean-Charles and noticed that the Statue of Liberty it is very similar – Mitchell said. – The fact that Jean-Charles was mad, and Bartholdi had to visit it every week. Sometimes he spent hours just looking at his brother, who had long ceased to talk”.


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