A British court has decided that heterosexual may be a victim of homophobia


The British Court of Appeal concluded that a heterosexual man can be a victim of homophobia. Thus he reversed a lower court decision that ruled that a man had the right to register a claim, in which he accused his former employer of homophobia. On the basis that ht is a heterosexual.

Stephen English claimed that he was forced to resign from their jobs – from the company for the production of tents because the authorities are not impeded in any way homophobic insults at him. Employees often openly called him “by a fag” and with other homophobic words – just because someone once dismissed this rumor. In fact, the rumor of homosexuality of the man was not the truth. But the staff did not stop even the presence of his wife and several children.

It all started with the fact that the company has learned that English lived in Brighton – one of the most “gay” cities in the UK – not far from the gay village and studied there at the boarding school. The last straw was that reported that English visited Gay Pride in Brighton in the internal newsletter of the company. At the same time he wrote that he was dressed in a tight-fitting shiny leggings.


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