A man attacked a woman when discovered that she was transgender


40-year-old construction worker Scott Allan appeared in Liverpool Crown Court over the incident, which left the trans woman bleeding and needing stitches. They got acquainted in the bar and were having fun with two other people. But when Allan and his victim were left alone, she started to perform sexual act on him. These actions probably provoked the man to attack.

The prosecutor recalls: “She understood that the defendant realised that she was a transsexual. The defendant and her engaged in some flirtatious conduct and there was sexual contact between them. The defendant attempted to move his hand towards her genital area but she stopped him and he became upset. He shouted at the complainant words to the effect of ‘you’re a freak’ and ‘you’re a bearded lady.’”

The judge claimed: “While you admit pushing your victim in this case, it was not your intention and indeed it cannot be said that there was the necessary knowledge at the time that you had a glass in your hand. You accept that you did shout certain insults at your victim and were showing to your victim no tolerance whatsoever, irrespective as to that which had occurred prior.” Allan was handed a nine-month suspended prison sentence and ordered to pay £1000 compensation.


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