In New Mexico people try to protect “traditional institution of marriage”


In fact, when one US state legalizes same-sex marriage, there are a lot of conservatives who are beginning to talk about the need for their abolition. New Mexico Senator William Sharer registered a bill to ban same-sex marriages immediately after their legality of the State Supreme Court. Scharer requires thta in law marriage was defined as a union between a man and a woman. He argues that the document has prepared a week ago and “just sitting and waiting” when the Supreme Court pronounces its verdict.

“I stand for marriage, which is known to every culture, on every continent, in every epoch. It is a marriage between one man and one woman,” – Scharer said. It should be noted that he has seriously mistaken, because not in every continent and in every age the marriage is considered just such an alliance: in human history there were many forms of marriage, which in different cultures regarded as completely natural and acceptable.


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